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Homeschool Overview

At Homeschool Social Enterprise we run an Independent Christian Primary School registered with the Department for Education (DfE).  Our central aim is to educate and support children with a rich and varied education along with strong Christian values to prepare them for life.  We also offer a diverse range of services for all age groups including tuition, childminding and community support.  

Primary School- Based within a unique setting, we educate children of all abilities who thrive within our warm, friendly environment.  At Homeschool we challenge all children to aim high no matter what setbacks they might have had.  Our interesting and bespoke programmes are sophisticated enough to meet each child where they are, yet provide regular opportunities for them to advance.  We find that this helps to boost confidence, aspirations and empowers even the most timid of pupils.


Tuition – From preschool to adulthood, we support all learners to realise their potential and progress towards their goals.  

Childminding- We look after children from age zero upwards. You can have peace of mind whilst your child engages in the joy of learning, curiosity and imagination! 

Community Support – We host a Food Bank and outreach to help to mobalise the community.

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*This offer applies for group sessions only.  For one-to-one tuition click here.