We embrace pupils of all abilities including high achievers or those who are unable to cope within large classrooms or who are convalescing.  So far we have experienced 100% success in the outcomes of the children that we have educated.  Contact us to receive a detailed synopsis of our achievement rates. 

Targeted Education

Our initiative is designed to combat underachievement that is common within schools.  Unlike traditional mainstream schools, we have smaller class sizes, a curriculum programme tailored to each child and a work ethic that reflects working life after school. You could say we truly have a child centered focus.  So whether your child is a Gifted and Talented pupil, or suffers with a learning difficulty, we can place them on a programme to see that they reach their full potential.

Special Needs Support 

With an inclusive school policy we welcome all pupils no matter what challenges they face.  We have experienced staff on board who are confident to support children with Special Educational Needs (SEN).  We also have great facilities to accommodate all of our children.

Some of the conditions we support:

  • Learning Difficulties
  • Physical Impairment
  • Sensory Impairment
  • Communication Difficulties
  • Complex Medical Conditions
  • Behavioural Needs

Behavioural Support

At Homeschool we understand that some children find it difficult to comply to the school requisites for a range of different reasons.  

  Through the implementation of our behaviour policy, updated resources and fully trained staff, we are equipped to handle instances of challenging behaviour.

Emergency Admissions

We have the provision to assess pupils who have been excluded/expelled from another schools and require urgent attention.  Our team will provide extra support to ensure the child is integrated successfully within our school.  

Special Living Circumstances

We have experience of working in partnership with all professionals concerned with children and young people who are involved with Social Services.  Consequently our school offers individual support and guidance for children in care to help them to achieve and cope with being away from their primary family unit.


We welcome referrals and/or recommendations from educational establishments, fostering and adoption agencies, social services, health professionals, parents/ carers, juvenile justice and probation services and other services working with children, their families and carers.  We have established links with Multi Agencies and we will respond to all enquiries concerning our services and our work.