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New book to be released – ‘Racism within education.’

If you would like exclusive rights to extracts from ‘Racism within education,’

email Colin Rankine: colinrankine@hotmail.co.uk.

Colin has over 25 years of experience within the field of education.

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Homeschool Overview

Homeschool Social Enterprise is a far-reaching registered organisation. We offer online education and a diverse range of services.

Support with home education 

For £25 per month, receive a range of learning resources to meet your child's needs. This learning pack will include links to printables, useful information and learning tips that will help parents to educate their children at home. We can also mark work from £1 per 10 pages. 

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In other news...learn about some of our pupils who are now published authors with stories featured in this book (since August 2018).


Who is this website for?  

Any parent* or individual who is interested in child development.  If you are responsible for a child who you believe is capable of great achievement, then you're in the right place!

*Throughout this website the term 'parent' is also used to represent carers and legal guardians.

Does your child fit any of these descriptions?

  • Not living up to their potential?
  • Labelled as aggressive?
  • Unmet special needs?
  • Bullied?
  • Low self-esteem?
  • Short attention span?
  • Behaviour challenges?
  • Disengaged?
  • Unambitious?
  • Unchallenged elsewhere?

If so, call today to find out how we have assisted children with these struggles in the past, and discover how we can support your child.

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Here's what others have said about us...


"I have to say that I am very pleased thus far with the Education which [my son] is receiving from Homeschool, particularly in the way he has started to use a dictionary. I am also happy with the religious aspect of his education. [My son] will often recite aspects from the Bible. I have seen more of a focus from [my son] who likes to learn, and is able to learn without any disruptions in a mainstream school. Thank you Homeschool." – Parent

"Homeschool have been very effective with educating our foster child. She has mild learning difficulties and has really benefitted with the quality one to one tuition that homeschool have provided. They are highly qualified and experienced and quickly targeted her weakness's and consolidated her strengths. Homeschool's welcoming and kind approach has allowed our foster child to settle and progress. We would recommend Homeschool as they have a strong passion and belief that everyone deserves a chance of a good education and can reach their potential." - Mr and Mrs Jeynes (Foster Parents)

"Homeschool has been a God send to my family. Since my son was diagnosed with Autism, it has been a struggle but since he began Homeschool he has developed a lot. I would recommend this school to anyone. Their prospects are much better than any other school. They are well disciplined and caring." - N.L. (Parent)

"I am pleased thus far with Homeschool, I am particularly impressed with the homework which is set for my child, and also the school trips which they have attended with my child. My son is more eager to learn at Homeschool, and there are less distractions. Thank you Homeschool." - Parent

"Mr. Colin Rankine is an epitome of love, selflessness and excellence. As an international student at Birmingham City University who sought to engage the participation of experienced youth workers in my dissertation on risk factors that predispose young people to join gangs in Birmingham, I had trouble securing participants until I met Mr. Colin. His knowledge of social problems affecting young people is incredible. My research benefitted immensely from his insights and experience. I have always had to remember our meeting because he received me as though we had been friends for a long time. Asides participating in my research, Mr. Colin was able to secure another highly experienced youth worker because of his passion to see me achieve excellence in my dissertation. Thanks to the rich experience of Colin and the other participants on the subject, I achieved a distinction in my dissertation. It is amazing how certain individuals we have met briefly in life's journey can hugely impact our lives. Colin Rankine is a gift every man deserves." – J. Fadimu, Birmingham City University

"I would recommend Homeschool. They have helped my son progress so much with his education. He has gone from not being able to write, to writing his name and letters which his [current] school have not been able to do." - S.D. (Parent)   

"Homeschool is an excellent environment for children who are yearning to succeed. Since my boys have been attending Homeschool there has been a huge transformation in their Education. They have become very focused and are learning far more now than they would at any mainstream school. I would recommend this school to any parent who would like to see their children excel in a focused education environment." - A.N. (Parent)

"Excellent service from Homeschool social Enterprise, very friendly, reliable and flexible childcare. Always made my children laugh with their great sense of humour. Always been available when needed, even last minute emergencies. Very happy with the service I received, would definitely recommend."  - A.B. (Parent)

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