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As a charity we do all that we can to be self-sustainable.   Our product range is full of original Homeschool designs that reinforce our message of education and spreading positivity. 

When you click on a link (green text) on this page, you will be taken through to Redbubble, the third party website where you can order a product of your choice from HomeschoolSE, our online shop.  There, you can make purchases and be confident that all of our proceeds in royalties go towards the running of this charity.

We have a live fundraiser to raise money for our range of services which support the community. Can you give today to help us to help those in need? Please click
here to donate or purchase items from our online store. When you give, all the proceeds will go towards helping the vulnerable.

Step into Leo's World! This series of mini-stories will keep you entertained as you learn about the life of everyone’s favourite little boy. Written by a 10-year-old author, Leo's World is definitely one to add to your collection.

Join Pete and his friends on a wonderful adventure to find the buried treasure! A simple trip turns into a challenge when Pete is faced with wild new obstacles. Written by a 10-year-old author, Pete and His Adventures is a story to remember. 

At Homeschool Social Enterprise, we are very excited to announce that two of our pupils have excelled themselves again, having their books published for a second time running!

The story books 'Leo's World' and 'Pete and his adventures!' are now available to purchase in digital form from the online shop below.  Click on the links which will take you to the Lulu website.

Leo's World: http://www.lulu.com/shop/nile-nugent/leos-world/ebook/product-24037198.html?fbclid=IwAR0fl0nOvOqwNUZ...

Pete and his adventures! http://www.lulu.com/shop/corbin-nugent/pete-and-his-adventures/ebook/product-24037696.html?fbclid=Iw...

If you like their achievements or if you know of a child who wants to achieve the best that they can, please pass on our details to their parents:

Matthew 18:2-3