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Looking for a new strategy to boost your business?

Why not become a Homeschool Partner?

As a charity, Homeschool impacts the lives of many though our school and community service programmes

Despite our far-reaching efforts, we are still in need of your support to make a bigger difference. 

Becoming a partner can be very rewarding and only requires a minimal input from your organisation.  This can range from a number of initiatives designed to develop your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and to create mutual benefits. Together we can set clear and realistic objectives that will support our individual missions

Direct benefits

We like to work with individuals and organisations of any size.  

By partnering with Homeschool, you can benefit from:

  • Impact and enhanced credibility - This is your opportunity to directly improve the lives of the children and communities we support. Your organisation can also enhance the authority, credibility and authenticity of what you are saying.  Together, we can achieve more by working together to address social and environmental issues.
  • Enhanced PR and marketing opportunities - Homeschool is becoming a more recognisable brand and we would be happy to promote your business through our marketing strategy.
  • Sales promotion strategies to influence purchasing decisions - It is known that by associating a charity with a sales promotion, businesses often enjoy increased sales from consumers.  
  • Increased staff motivation - Staff are likely to feel more motivated to work knowing that they are supporting a good cause and that they're a part of a 'bigger picture.'
  • A boost in customer inspiration - Customer are likely to purchase items that they would not normally buy when it is associated with a charity.
  • Increased brand awareness through Homeschool's media profile
  • Direct input into the charity’s community and educational programmes
  • Tax advantages though our charity status

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To find out more about becoming an official partner, contact us today.