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Pastor Colin Rankine



Date of release: 26th February 2021





Homeschool Social Enterprise has announced the receipt of a forklift truck for use in its ministry, Active Christians which operates a busy foodbank within the West Midlands. The truck was generously donated by Ace Handling, a privately owned materials handling company based in Rugby.


The onset of Covid-19 has left many poor families and individuals devastated with the loss of jobs and in extreme cases, the loss of life of loved ones. Throughout the pandemic, Homeschool / Active Christians has been working tirelessly to keep up with the increased demand of food from people who have struggled to purchase essential supplies.


The forklift arrived recently at a crucial time and will be used to shift pallets that will enable the ministry to meet the growing need of those suffering the loss of income or mobility throughout the pandemic.


An appeal was made to forklift companies across the UK where Homeschool / Active Christians asked to rent or borrow a forklift, then God surprised them with Ace Handling who stepped up to the mark in helping lots of communities with this forklift truck. The ministry is now able to feed many thousands of people and this has been made possible through the food donors and Ace Handling.


The director, Colin Rankine, said “God moves in mysterious ways. A Prophet is never recognised in his home town (Luke 4:24). I never thought that a company from Rugby would come to our aid here in Friar Park, Wednesbury. It is nothing short of a miracle.”


Homeschool has been working closely with the public for over 10 years, bringing communities together. They are particularly known for the work that they do with the homeless and rough sleepers. The ministry has been instrumental in highlighting the issue of homelessness which propelled with the passing of Kane Walker. Kane’s tragic death was mentioned in parliament and has since been a turning point for the way homelessness is handled across the region.


Homeschool / Active Christians had PPE before the pandemic which was used to continue the vital work on the streets which has saved many lives. The preparation implemented has also enabled the ministry to support many services and agencies such as schools, community centres, councils, support workers, hostels and social services. Homeschool / Active Christians has been opening several food banks across the UK, baptising people, feeding poor families, feeding people on the streets, giving advice and called upon for suicide watch.


The team were told that they were the only people on the streets of Birmingham assisting the rough sleepers at night during the first lockdown.


Homeschool / Active Christians now need a warehouse to meet the growing demand of the pandemic. They also need a shelter and rehabilitation facility to support the homeless and rough sleepers beyond this crisis. Click here to see the active fundraiser.


Pastor Colin Rankine has been plugging the gaps within the systems which have led so many people to pass away due to food poverty and homelessness and he has been supporting those who have no recourse for public funds.


He stored food ahead of the lockdowns as people were starting to understand the pandemic. He increased the capacity and more food began to be donated to the ministry. The forklift was needed but there was no other source of external income to purchase one.


As well as the food bank, Homeschool has been educating children who have been denied an education and this has helped to reduce the number of children going into crime.


Homeschool relies on public donations to continue their work.


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